Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Serious about American Sports? Visit SportsGist

If you're an American, serious about your sport and are looking for a site that can live up to your passion, then Sportsgist could be the place for you. This site offers a wide range of facilities for the American sports devotee, or even those who are involved in college recruiting.

SportsGist is for all the best high school sports live

The sheer volume of information and resources available make this site the one stop destination for American sport lovers. Featuring the best in regularly update sports blogs, the most up to date latest news,  user groups devoted to the sports that you love, a wealth of stats for all levels of sport from high school boys and girls through to the major leagues, forums for debate and discussion about your most loved (and most hated) teams, as well as a classifieds section, not forgetting the option of watching all those future stars in the college recruiting video area. 

If you're truly passionate about American sports, you can become a member which allows you to truly make the most of the SportsGist networking experience by allowing you to upload your own videos of your future sports stars as well as making your online sports scrapbook, as well as allowing those involved in college recruiting to get that all important head start in finding the stars of tomorrow. Make SportsGist your next stop.

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